Paxton Guy and Dave McKenzie hosted a new episode of In The Dawghouse on Monday and welcomed the voice of the Lady Dawgs, Connor Onion, onto the show.

The Salukis came in to Sunday’s game against Indiana State riding high on a five-game win streak, including a win over a top-50 team in IUPUI but were stunned 61-58.

“I don’t want to say there was complacency but maybe a little bit of fatigue,” Onion said about the team.  “Maybe they took it for granted a little bit that they would roll in and beat Indiana State… but you go on the road for three games and that wake up call would have come eventually.”

Onion has also served as a fill-in for Greg Starrick as color man beside Mike Reis in some of the men’s games this season.  Onion has been impressed with SIU’s performance in the Valley, especially without Armon Fletcher.

“They go 2-0 and grit one out against Missouri State without Armon… you guys know how hard it is to win in Cedar Falls and to do that two years in a row and this time without Armon says a lot about the job they’re doing…” Onion explained.

Hear Onion all season long as the voice of SIU Women’s Basketball including this Sunday when SIU heads to Missouri State on Magic 95.1 at 1:45 P.M.

Hear the entire interview here

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