Barry Hinson joined Mike Murphy and Paxton Guy on Monday’s edition of In The Dawghouse to talk about this Friday’s upcoming match with #2 Kentucky.

Coach Hinson isn’t sure that his team has seen anything like the Wildcats.

“There’s very few teams that are similar to them in all of Division I basketball,” Hinson says. “They ran a lineup out on Transylvania that [featured] 6’10, 6’10, 6’11, 6’11.  They had four big guys on the floor at one time.  It’ll be interesting.”

Hinson knows it’s an uphill climb against the perennial powerhouse but he’s got a strategy and he begins with his guards.

“This game is going to come down to how Marcus [Bartley] and Aaron [Cook] and Sean [Lloyd], and Eric McGill and Darius Beane control from the perimeter,” Hinson says.  “Because they’re going to try to speed us up and we’re going to have to be under control.  We’re going to have to stay away from panicking.”

The Salukis travel to Rupp Arena this Friday.  You catch the broadcast on 101.5 WCIL-FM with pregame beginning at 5pm.

Hear the entire interview:


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