This is part of a four-part series “SIU Season Starter” to serve as a primer before SIU’s first regular season game against Kentucky on November 9th

Sean Lloyd was the workhouse for the Salukis last season after averaging nearly 35 minutes a game.  That was in part due to all the injuries the Salukis had in the 17-18 season but Lloyd was averaging more than three minutes more than the next closest guy – Armon Fletcher.

Lloyd says, if it gets to that point again, he’s ready to play that many minutes a second year in a row.

“I’m always ready to play the game,” Lloyd says.  “I like being on the court so it doesn’t really phase me when I’m out there playing that many minutes.  I got used to it by January.”

Hopefully, it doesn’t come to that.  The team returns several players from last season and freshman Darius Beane has forced his way into the rotation so the Salukis have ten players to work with, as opposed to the six or seven SIU was playing with last year.

The biggest boost to the rotation is Thik Bol.

“He was a defensive presence that we needed,” Lloyd explains.  “A shot blocker at the rim that’s what we were missing [last season].”

Lloyd and the rest of the Salukis play at #2 Kentucky to start the season this Friday night.  That can be heard on 101.5 WCIL-FM, pregame is set for 5pm.

Listen to the entire interview:


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